Facebook Profile Privileges - Help

On this page you can find the detailed description on how to set up your Facebook Settings, so Everybody can Like it. Higher the Facebook Like number = better overall Facebook rank.

Step 1. - Go to the Facebook Settings

Log in to your Facebook Profile account.
Choose Options in upper right corner (gear icon) and select the Settings button.
Here you can manage several different parameters related to your Facebook privacy and privilege settings


Step 2. - Navigate to Followers options

In the navigation bar which is offered on the left side of the settings menu, select the Followers tab.


Step 3. - Set priviledge level to Everybody

Under option Who can follow me, from the drop-down menu, set the privilege level so Everybody can Like/Comment/Share your Facebook Profile Photo/Video/Post/Link.
If not, only your Facebook friends will be able to leave Social Media Interaction on your Photo/Video/Post/Link.


Notes - You need to have one Social Media Interaction on your Page

For our system to work correctly you need to have one Social Media Interaction (in this case you need to have one Facebook Like) on your Facebook Page/Photo/Post/Video so our system can work correctly.